Dorothy Lubowa

Omukyala Waleero (Today's Woman)

Dorothy Lubowa Stewart popularly known as (DL) is the host of the popular Luganda women's program (Omukyala Waleero) aka "Today's Woman" at Radio Uganda Boston (RUB) every Thursday starting at 5:00 pm. The program features women's affairs mostly in the Ugandan Diaspora. Rev. Senga aka "Frida Ssebalu" and Senga Special aka "Ruth Owundo" are regular contributors who have popularized the program with their deep insight about strengthening the relationship between husband and wife in a home. DL started hosting the program in 2013 and since then the program has garnered a huge following. DL is the Brainchild behind the Uganda Women's Association International (UWAI) to which she serves as President. The Organization was inaugurated on Women's Day in March, 2014 with the Mayor of the City of Waltham, Jeanette McCarthy as the guest of honor.

Under the leadership of DL, UWAI has been a huge part of organizing community events like "Summer Splash" which is hosted by RUB, "Gwanga Mujje Convention", "Buganda Bumu Convention" both hosted by people from the Buganda Kingdom etc. UWAI has been instrumental in bringing women together to tackle head-on issues faced by women in the Ugandan Diaspora. UWAI has become an integral part of the Ugandan community.

Before joining the RUB Team in 2013, DL was a regular panelist on another popular Political Talk Show "Twabirabye" hosted by Edward Ssebuwufu Kamirante every Friday at 6:00 pm.

DL is a fun loving person who enjoys uplifting women causes for the benefit of the Ugandan community. She has been a resident of Boston for over 10 years.

She's always gotten something special to share with her audience every Thursday. If you haven't had a chance to tune in to her program, you have no idea what you are missing. Tune in every Thursday to (Omukyala waleero) at 5:00 pm to find out more. Remember you are always welcome to share your ideas with the audience by calling in during her show.

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