Mayanja Mulinde

Actually do not have much to say because my talented colleagues have more to say for themselves and for this radio station - much more and even much better than I can ever imagine! I am just happy that this dream has come to fruition. And I believe, even more importantly, that this is the future of radio.

Our radio station transcends boundaries and brings a piece of home to all kinds of Ugandans around the world. Because we are online, you can, literally, listen to a little bit of home from the far reaches of the universe.

Just log onto and allow these resident experts on life's adventures in comedy, travel, love, tradition, human struggles, sex and music tell you stories from lands far, beyond and everywhere in between.

I cannot thank my team enough and I am more than proud to be at helm of this venture. And like many more businesses, our five year plan is currently full of expansion and overall brand positioning. We understand radio and competing for the same audience in Uganda. But we have plans and believe that you will like the results.

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  • Ugandan American Online radio
  • Global Audience
  • Global Online Broadcastings
  • Budget Friendly
  • On-Air or Online Advertising

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