Smartphone Player

Using your Smartphone

Listen Live here or Please follow the instructions below for other listening options.

For your iPhone:

(Android instructions below)

1. Download an iPhone app called RadioBox in apple app store.

2. Once the program loads on your iphone / itouch, tab the "Favorites" (the white heart icon) at the bottom of the screen, you will see a blue bar "Add Custom URL". Then a box with 3 entry fields pop up.

3. In the first field "Stream URL", enter the following text for 128k bps bit rate (latest 3G network):

Or for 32k bps bit rate (2G/EDGE network), enter the following text:

4. In the second field "Custom Name (Optional)", enter the following text:

Radio Uganda Bostion

5. The third field "Custom Description (Optional)" can be left blank.

6. Then tab "Done" on the top right corner.

Congratulations! All you need to do now is to tab on the "Radio Uganda Boston" you added  in the Favorites and enjoy!

For your Android phone:

Download an apps from the market called "A Online Radio". Simply do a search in the Android market from your smartphone with the phrase "online radio", you will find "A Online Radio" with the icon shown above. Please download and install it on your smartphone.

Once the program loads on your phone, tab "Search" icon at the bottom right corner and enter text "ugandaboston"  in the search box under "Search For A Channel". Important Note: please enter the whole search phrase as one word with no space in between. Then tab "go" on the screen. You will see 2 listings found.

If you get a message of "No channels found...", please make sure you do NOT put any space in between the search word - you should enter the whole term as one word like this: ugandaboston.

Congratulation! Just tab any of the 2 listings and listen to our radio any time you want. Don't forget to add our radio to your Favorites in the app, so you do not have to do the search again.

We are now working on releasing dedicated cellphone apps for our radio. You can help and contribute to the project by donating to us :)

Why Advertise?

  • Ugandan American Online radio
  • Global Audience
  • Global Online Broadcastings
  • Budget Friendly
  • On-Air or Online Advertising

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